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Our Massachusetts lawyers provide knowledgeable counsel informed by local awareness. Clients trust our extensive experience in local real estate matters and bankruptcy, and also seek our assistance in matters involving landlord-tenant issues.

We help clients from diverse backgrounds recover their financial footing and their future, offering flexible scheduling and payment plans when needed. Helping clients regain security in a difficult situation is what we do. We can help you, too.

When You Need A Financial Fresh Start, We’re Here For You

For many people, the word “bankruptcy” can be a loaded term. Clients facing insurmountable debt come to us under enormous stress and suffering creditor harassment. Some are facing wage garnishment; most are worried about the future. But in a few months’ time, these people become our happiest and most relieved clients. Whether they are filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, we help clients see that there is no shame in filing bankruptcy, and that there is a way out.

Protecting Your Interests In Real Estate Matters

Buying and selling property is a big commitment. With the help of an experienced real estate lawyer with extensive knowledge about your local market, however, the process doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful.

At Reynolds & Werman, LLC, our two local attorneys can provide the insight and experience to guide you through your transaction, whether you need help with a new purchase, refinancing, selling your home, foreclosure or a short sale. We represent homeowners and investors in these matters. We also represent people in landlord-tenant disputes, including evictions.

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