Here To Help You Find Confidence Through The Bankruptcy Process

Debt relief through bankruptcy offers a way out of stress and financial hardship for many people, but the process is often misunderstood. The attorneys at Reynolds & Werman, LLC, know how overwhelming and confusing filing for bankruptcy can be. We want you to know that we’re to help you, every step of the way.

Filing For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is one of the most common ways that people and companies file for bankruptcy. It’s available to a wide variety of people, from individuals to corporations and is generally considered less complicated than filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The process involves attending credit counseling, quantifying your assets, filing the petition and then allowing a trustee to distribute nonexempt property to different creditors if necessary. During this process, there are ways to protect some of your property, and it’s unlikely that you’ll need to give up all your personal assets.

The first step to filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is to speak with a knowledgeable debt discharge attorney about your situation. At Reynolds & Werman, LLC, we will work compassionately with you to patiently explain every step of the process as you’re going through it.

Filing For Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

There are some distinct advantages to filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. For example, you may potentially be able to stop foreclosure proceedings and prevent your car from being repossessed. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is basically a repayment plan that lasts between three and five years. During this time, you make payments that you can afford to a trustee to pay back your debts. After that, the qualifying debts you still have are discharged.

Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be complicated and most courts will advise you to work with a lawyer throughout the process. The legal team at Reynolds & Werman, LLC, is passionate about helping people get out from under huge amounts of debt and will work with your schedule to create a debt solution that works for you.

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